• Fashion Designer  •  

In 2012 I started in the world of design, with the brand "Perfect Irony" created together with two colleagues from the University.

In this new project I was in charge of the production of women's fashion garments and accessories. the creativity process, the development of new collections, the selection of textiles, as well as the design of patterns and the quality control system in external workshops.

Also, I was in charge of the organization and participation in showrooms, fairs and fashion exhibitions.

In 2013, I also developed in the Haute Couture sector, working autonomously in the realization of exclusive designs, also offering image consulting to my clients.



In 2014, with new job prospects, I decided to move to Europe, and I chose to settle in Barcelona. Here, in this dynamic city, a melting pot of cultures, a city where art and design are so vividly lived, I have taken several courses in new techniques and participated in fashion events.


In 2018, was born LaLàRoSe. The brand's garments are developed in Barcelona, ​​selecting natural fiber fabrics, producing jointly, with a local pattern maker and sewing workshop. These are small collections, but of great quality and their own style, a reflection of teamwork and dedication. As well as value to our environment, optimizing each phase of the process, in the responsible use of non-harmful materials, avoiding textile waste, and having social and ethical responsibility with workers and clients.


I hope you like it and fall in love.